The purpose of the REST API is to facilitate access to information about what domains, users, apps, roles, forms, and flows exist on a system and their properties. It will also allow for users and roles to be managed. Future implementations will include end points for accessing submission data as well.

The LiveForms REST API requires that valid login credentials be passed with each request using Basic HTTP Authentication. There are no sessions – no information saved between requests – so each request functions independently. The request body should be a JSON or XML string. The content type of the request body should be specified in the request header. The format of any returned data will depend on the accept header of the request and supports either XML or JSON. The API should always be used over HTTPS in order to protect the login credentials and any other sensitive data that may be transmitted.

The entry point for the REST API starts with selecting a domain. Within each domain, there is a collection of users, roles, and applications. Each application in turn contains a collection of forms and flows. All entities are referenced in the URL by name. In this version of the API, the users and roles collection may be modified with POST, PUT, and DELETE requests to the API using an administrator account. The tenants, applications, forms, and flows are read-only via the API. To manage these, you will need to login via the web page and use the built-in administrative or design interface.