LiveForms is a cross-platform web application for the visual design of Forms and form-driven Flows (workflows). This means you can use LiveForms to create and manage web-based forms that will work regardless of what device the end-user is on without any prior knowledge of how to create web pages. LiveForms does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the the design and layout of your Forms.

The two main components of LiveForms are the Forms and Flows themselves. Forms and Flows that are related to each other are grouped into collections called Applications. Users with the Designer privledge will have the ability to create and manage these components.

LiveForms is also a multi-tenant system. This means that a single installation of LiveForms can be segregated for use by multiple independent departments, branches, etc. Each such grouping in LiveForms is called a Domain, and each Domain contains its own collection of Users, Roles, Applications, Forms, and Flows independent of each other Domain on the system. For many customers, using LiveForms with a single Domain will suffice. However, the option to segregate the system into multiple Domains is available.

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